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Video assignments in learning English as A Second Language

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Introduction to ESL Vlog Homeworks

ESL Vlog Homeworks are a unique and innovative way to engage ESL students in their learning outside of the classroom. As explained by Childers in 2020, these homework assignments are designed to give students more speaking practice through the creation and narration of short videos [1]. ESL Vlog Homeworks are a fun and interactive way for students to practice their language skills and improve their confidence in speaking English [2]. While traditional homework assignments may not always be effective for ESL students, ESL Vlog Homeworks offer a creative and engaging solution to extend learning outside of the classroom [3].

There are numerous benefits to using ESL Vlog Homeworks in the classroom. Firstly, these assignments allow students to practice their speaking and listening skills in a comfortable and familiar environment [4]. Secondly, ESL Vlog Homeworks can be tailored to suit the individual needs and interests of each student [1]. Thirdly, incorporating these assignments into the curriculum can help promote parental involvement and support for their child’s learning [3]. Finally, ESL Vlog Homeworks can be used to target specific language skills, such as grammar or listening, and can be used to reinforce concepts taught in class [2].

There are various types of homework assignments that can be included in ESL Vlog Homeworks. For example, students can create short videos telling a story in the past tense, as demonstrated in a video example provided by Childers in 2018 [5]. Alternatively, students can watch a video and answer interactive questions about what they have watched, as suggested by Brame in 2016 [6]. Another option is to have students watch a video and then engage in a group discussion about the content, as described by Twinkl in 2022 [7]. The possibilities for ESL Vlog Homeworks are endless and can be customized to fit the needs and interests of each individual student [2].

How to Use ESL Vlog Homeworks Effectively

ESL vlog homeworks can be an effective tool for improving language skills outside of the classroom. To use these homework assignments effectively, it’s important to create a schedule that allows students to complete the assignments in a timely manner [8]. By setting aside specific times for homework, students can focus on their language learning goals and make progress towards improving their skills. Additionally, assigning homework that is relevant to the material covered in class can help reinforce classroom learning and improve retention [9].

Setting goals and objectives is another important aspect of using ESL vlog homeworks effectively. By providing students with clear objectives for each assignment, they can focus their efforts and work towards achieving specific language goals [10]. Teachers can also incorporate goal-setting activities into their lessons to help students develop their language learning objectives [11]. By setting realistic and achievable goals, students can stay motivated and track their progress towards improving their language skills [12].

Finally, tracking progress and achievements is essential for ensuring that students are making progress towards their language learning goals. Teachers can monitor student progress through regular progress tests and by checking homework assignments [1]. By providing feedback and highlighting areas for improvement, teachers can help students stay on track and continue to make progress towards their language learning goals [3]. Additionally, celebrating student achievements and recognizing their progress can help motivate students to continue working towards improving their language skills [13][2].

Examples of ESL Vlog Homeworks

ESL vlog homeworks can be an effective way to engage students in vocabulary building exercises. Assigning vocabulary word maps, for example, can encourage students to find relationships between vocabulary words and other words, helping them to better understand and remember the words [14]. Other creative vocabulary homework ideas include creating flashcards, writing sentences using new vocabulary words, and creating vocabulary quizzes [15]. By incorporating these vocabulary-building exercises into vlog homework, ESL students can improve their language skills and increase their confidence in using new words.

Pronunciation practice is another important aspect of ESL vlog homeworks. Pronunciation games and exercises, such as repeating after a teacher or practicing with phonics songs, can help students improve their English speaking skills [16] [17]. Teachers can also use tools like pronunciation worksheets or projector-ready forms to help identify and address specific pronunciation issues [18]. By incorporating pronunciation practice into vlog homeworks, students can improve their ability to communicate effectively in English.

Listening comprehension activities can also be incorporated into ESL vlog homeworks. Students can listen to short podcasts or watch videos in English and then answer comprehension questions or fill in the blanks with missing words [9] [19]. Teachers can also create listening comprehension activities using news videos or other authentic materials [20]. By practicing listening comprehension skills through vlog homeworks, ESL students can improve their ability to understand spoken English and communicate more effectively in real-life situations.


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