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Pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification

Are you trying to earn the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification? We just released a course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel that is is designed to help you pass the certification exam and showcase your expertise in AWS technologies. Andrew Brown from ExamPro created this course.

Earning the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification validates your ability to design and deploy scalable systems on AWS. This certification covers a wide range of AWS services and focuses on creating cost-effective and performance-optimized solutions. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, enhancing your career prospects and credibility with employers and clients.

Our course is structured into several key sections, each providing a thorough understanding of the core concepts needed for the certification. Here’s a brief overview of each section:

  • Introduction: Overview of the certification exam and its requirements.

  • Setup: Instructions on setting up your environment with the necessary tools, including Gitpod and AWS CLI.

  • Amazon S3: Comprehensive coverage of S3, including CLI operations, scripting in different languages, bucket configurations, storage classes, security, and advanced features like encryption and versioning.

  • AWS API: Detailed guide on AWS APIs, CLI commands, security tokens, and configuration best practices.

  • VPC (Virtual Private Cloud): In-depth exploration of VPC components, key features, security groups, route tables, and advanced networking options like Direct Connect and VPNs.

  • IAM (Identity and Access Management): Management of IAM policies, access controls, multi-factor authentication, identity federation, and security best practices.

  • EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud): Mastery of EC2 instance types, lifecycle management, metadata, and connectivity options.

  • AMI (Amazon Machine Images): Understanding and utilization of AMIs for EC2 instance creation and management.

  • ASG (Auto Scaling Groups): Setting up and managing auto-scaling groups, including scaling policies and health checks.

  • ELB (Elastic Load Balancing): Overview of load balancing types (ALB, NLB, CLB) and their configurations.

  • Route53: Management of domain name system (DNS) services, including routing policies and health checks.

  • Global Accelerator: Introduction to AWS Global Accelerator for improving availability and performance.

  • CloudFront: Content delivery network (CDN) setup and management, including Lambda@Edge and CloudFront Functions.

  • EBS (Elastic Block Store): Understanding EBS volume types, usage scenarios, and performance optimizations.

  • EFS (Elastic File System): Setup and use of EFS for scalable file storage.

  • FSx: Detailed coverage of Amazon FSx file systems.

  • Backup: Strategies for data backup using AWS Backup services.

  • AWS Snow Family: Overview of the AWS Snow Family for data migration and edge computing.

  • Transfer Family: Management of file transfers to and from AWS using the Transfer Family.

  • Migration Hub: Tools and strategies for migrating workloads to AWS.

  • AWS Data Sync: Automating data transfer between on-premises storage and AWS.

  • DMS (Database Migration Service): Database migration processes and tools.

  • AWS Auto Scaling: Automating scaling for various AWS services.

  • AWS Amplify: Building and deploying web and mobile applications with AWS Amplify.

  • Amazon AppFlow: Integrating SaaS applications with AWS services using AppFlow.

  • AppSync: Building scalable GraphQL APIs with AWS AppSync.

  • Batch: Managing batch processing workloads with AWS Batch.

  • OpenSearch: Setting up and using Amazon OpenSearch Service.

  • Device Farm: Testing mobile and web applications on real devices using AWS Device Farm.

  • QLDB (Quantum Ledger Database): Using Amazon QLDB for transparent and immutable transaction logs.

  • Elastic Transcoder: Converting media files using AWS Elastic Transcoder.

  • Media Convert: Advanced media file conversion with AWS MediaConvert.

  • SNS (Simple Notification Service): Setting up and managing notifications with SNS.

  • SQS (Simple Queue Service): Message queuing services for decoupling applications using SQS.

  • MQ (Managed Message Broker Service): Using Amazon MQ for message brokering.

  • Service Catalog: Managing AWS services and products with AWS Service Catalog.

  • CloudWatch: Monitoring and observability with Amazon CloudWatch.

  • Lambda: Serverless computing with AWS Lambda.

  • Step Functions: Coordinating distributed applications with AWS Step Functions.

  • AWS Compute Optimizer: Optimizing compute resources with AWS Compute Optimizer.

  • EB (Elastic Beanstalk): Deploying and managing applications with Elastic Beanstalk.

  • Kinesis: Real-time data streaming with Amazon Kinesis.

  • ElastiCache: In-memory caching with Amazon ElastiCache.

  • MemoryDB: Redis-compatible, in-memory database service.

  • CloudTrail: Tracking user activity and API usage with AWS CloudTrail.

  • RedShift: Data warehousing with Amazon Redshift.

  • Athena: Querying data in S3 using Amazon Athena.

  • ML Managed Services: Using AWS-managed machine learning services.

  • Data Exchange: Managing data exchanges with AWS Data Exchange.

  • AWS Glue: ETL services and data cataloging with AWS Glue.

  • Lake Formation: Setting up and managing data lakes with AWS Lake Formation.

  • API Gateway: Building and managing APIs with Amazon API Gateway.

  • RDS (Relational Database Service): Managing relational databases with Amazon RDS.

  • Aurora: High-performance, scalable database service with Amazon Aurora.

  • DocumentDB: Document database service with Amazon DocumentDB.

  • DynamoDB: NoSQL database service with Amazon DynamoDB.

  • Amazon Keyspaces: Managed Cassandra-compatible database service.

  • Neptune: Graph database service with Amazon Neptune.

  • ECR (Elastic Container Registry): Managing container images with Amazon ECR.

  • ECS (Elastic Container Service): Running containerized applications with Amazon ECS.

  • EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service): Kubernetes as a managed service with Amazon EKS.

  • KMS (Key Management Service): Managing encryption keys with AWS KMS.

  • Audit Manager: Simplifying audit preparation with AWS Audit Manager.

  • ACM (AWS Certificate Manager): Managing SSL/TLS certificates with AWS ACM.

  • Cognito: Managing user authentication with Amazon Cognito.

  • Amazon Detective: Security investigation service with Amazon Detective.

  • AWS Directory Service: Managed directory services with AWS Directory Service.

  • AWS Firewall Manager: Centralized firewall management with AWS Firewall Manager.

  • Amazon Inspector: Automated security assessment service with Amazon Inspector.

  • Amazon Macie: Data security and privacy service with Amazon Macie.

  • Security Hub: Centralized security management with AWS Security Hub.

  • Secrets Manager: Managing secrets and credentials with AWS Secrets Manager.

  • AI Dev Tools: Tools for AI development, including Amazon CodeWhisperer.

  • MSK (Managed Streaming for Kafka): Managed Apache Kafka service with Amazon MSK.

  • Shield: DDoS protection with AWS Shield.

  • WAF (Web Application Firewall): Protecting web applications with AWS WAF.

  • CloudHSM: Hardware security module with AWS CloudHSM.

  • GuardDuty: Threat detection service with AWS GuardDuty.

  • Health Dashboard: Service health monitoring with AWS Health Dashboard.

  • Artifact: Compliance reporting with AWS Artifact.

  • Storage Gateway: Hybrid cloud storage with AWS Storage Gateway.

  • EC2 Pricing Models: Understanding EC2 pricing models, including on-demand, reserved, and spot instances.

  • The course includes practical exercises and real-world scenarios to help reinforce your learning. Watch the full course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel (50-hour watch).


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